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Regardless of your goals:
  • Get healthier
  • Feel Better / More Natural Energy
  • Lose Weight
  • Earn Extra Income

The decision - the motivation - is in your hands. Winkler Global Partners is here to partner WITH you, train you, and give you the resources to successfully meet those goals.
Winkler Global Products, LLC is a Plexus Worldwide Ambassadorship owned by Randall Winkler (Randy to friends, family, and business associates)... a Clinician and Business Professional. 

Randy has seen life-changing results with the Plexus line of products in his own health as well as in his finances. It is his desire to educate consumers on the impact nutrition has to their overall health and well-being. In addition, educating them on the difference between labratory-created, chemical nutrients and plant-based, real food nutrients and how that determines whether they are simply surviving or whether they are thriving.

The body is always in 1 of 2 Clinical States: Homeostasis (balance) or Disease. The Plexus line of products supports balance. We currently have 14 Nutritional Products in addition to a patented Breast Self-Chek kit for early detection of breast/chest tissue abnormalities in both women and men. While some Plexus Ambassadors may try to sell you every product in our line-up, at Winkler Global Partners, our goal is to help you determine which products best support your over-all health goals. We find this makes the approach more affordable for the customer and easier for them to be consistent with the nutritional products they choose.
What we put inside our bodies is so important, but it's not always simple to follow the rules.
We can help you.
My Services
Weight Management
Weight loss is often the first goal for some of our customers. There is nothing wrong with that. We have products to accelerate that process. HOWEVER, what we have found is that when a body is balanced and healthy, maintaining a healthy weight is easier and longer lasting. In other words, people who need to lose weight find it easier to do so... and those who need to gain weight are able to do that as well. It's all about balance.

There is no such thing as a "magic eraser" when it comes to weight loss. As your body becomes healthier - working toward that state of homeostasis - your cravings will change... but you have to listen to your body and begin to give it more good stuff than bad. We'll coach you through that process.
Not all nutrients are created equal. Your body was designed to run on fuel supplied by food - REAL food. Science will try to convince you that labratory-created (chemical) supplements are the same as those supplied by real food. While these nutrients have the same molecular structure as real food-based nutrients, they do not contain the phyto-factors (plant elements) that empower your body to create premium fuel. It's like putting cheap fuel into a high performance race car. The car will run.. but not at top performance. This is why nutrition matters... and we'll help educate you on that and provide resources for you to continue researching on your own

Exercise is key to good health. It helps relieve stress and lower blood pressure and heart rate in most people. While we do not provide training protocols, we do encourage exercise as a part of a healthy lifestyle.

We have found that as our customers and Ambassadors start to feel better, sleep better, and have more energy as a result of supplying the body the nutrients it needs for balance, they not only have the desire to exercise, but they have the ENERGY to exercise. 

Business Opportunity

Once you've experienced what these natural plant-based supplements can do for you with consistent use, you will not be able to keep it to yourself. You can refer your friends and family to us. We will take the same great care of them as we have of you... OR, you can become an Ambassador yourself for $34.95/year, they can order from your Replicated Webpage, and you get paid a commission by Plexus Worldwide. There are 11 Different Ways to make money. Commission is just 1 of those. 
Business Info
Satisfied Customers and Ambassadors
  1. Nicky & Traci Waters
    Our total health has changed for the good. We have lost weight and our annual checkups are proof that we are becoming healthy from the inside out. We use the Tri-Plex Combo, XFfactor and Mega-X daily, along with the other great all natural products as needed. Our lives along with our families lives are changed. After years of searching we have found our lifestyle change that works for us.
  2. Randall Winkler
    My annual lab values were high-normal and getting higher every year. I was more than 50 pounds overweight. After just 6 months on Plexus TriPlex Combo I was down 50 lbs and my doctor said, "I don't know what you're doing, but keep doing it. Your labs haven't been this good since you have been my patient." At that point I knew I had my hands on something amazing... and I had to share it with everybody.