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Weight Management
Whether someone is over-weight or under-weight usually has more to do with what's going on inside their body than whether they are simply consuming too many or not enough calories. Supporting balanced blood sugar levels is one key component. Left Unbalanced it can determine whether you crave sugar and carbs AND to burn fat inefficiently (either too slowly or too quickly) leading to over- or under-weight issues. Your Intestinal Health is another factor in managing your weight properly. Recent studies profiled on various news shows have profiled the health of your gut and using a high-quality probiotic to more effectively lose weight as well as its role in the prevention of heart disease. Toxic load is another factor as is inflammation. Which product(s) do you need to properly manage your internal balance? Click below for more information on the products and then reach out by phone or email to let us help you determine which products are best to get you started.
Weight Management
Inflammation / Heart Health
Blood Sugar Stabilization
Carb Control
Nutrition is VITAL to your overall health. Your body simply cannot perform at it's maximum when you're not giving it the vital nutrients it needs. It has been my experience that VERY FEW people, even though they may claim to "eat clean" rarely eat 100% clean... and even the few who do, rarely get all of the vitamins and nutrients they need. Vitamin Deficiency is one of the major root problems leading to disease along with Blood Sugar Instability, Inflammation, and Poor Gut health. Did you know that a quality Vitamin-mineral supplement is the #1 over the counter product recommended by Physicians nationwide followed by Omega Fatty Acid supplements?

Did you know that a study recently done by the Aloe Vera research groups found that using an Aloe Vera base for vitamin supplements makes them 300 to 400% MORE bioavailable to your cells than supplements that have a different base material? Did you also know that approximately 40% of the population has a genetic alteration called MTHFR (methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase) that prevents them from being able to break-down and use Folic Acid as well as other crucial B-Vitamins? Point? Plexus X-Factor is the ONLY Multi-vitamin supplement on the market which contains a patented, 2-form Aloe Vera Base + it's fully methylated... meaning if you have MTHFR, you do not have to worry about the Folic Acid and B-Vitamins in our product because you can break them down successfully.
Pain Management
Currently 100 Million People struggle daily with Chronic Pain; that's 1 in every 10 adults. There are 80 Million Reported Cases of Nerve Auto Immune disorders make up an alarming number of those who are suffering: 1.5 Million with Lupus, 5 Million with Fibromyalgia, 52.5 Million with Arthritis. There are numerous complications associated with steroidal and non-steroidal pain relievers. Plexus offers a line of products designed to relieve pain from the inside and the outside. Our Nerve Support product, Plexus Nerve - also part of the Ease lineup of products - is the only supplement ever proven to actually nourish and support damaged nerves. Most products only deal with the pain or inflammation component of pain. Few, if any, address nourishment and support of the actual nerve endings. 
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